personal pages:
weytaminit - my very first blog
wasaby@flickr - my flickr account

photography sites:
flickr - in my opinion, the best photo-sharing site around :)
photodoto - a great site by fd. it has a lot of excellent tips on learning photography. don't forget to check out the photo gallery, too!
photoblogs - the mother of all photoblogging resource sites

photography blogs i visit:
pixel rebel - a photoblog by my good friend, star :)
sari-sari store - sidney talks about his life as a belgian living in the philippines through his arresting photos. it's always cool to see my country from a different perspective.
dino lara - my favorite local photographer's blog
the world through my eyes - one of my favorite flickr groups. check out the amazing photos!
lifevicarious - i recently came across this blog and i just had to bookmark it. christian wagner takes his viewers on a whirlwind trip around the world in 448 days!
chromasia - the very first photoblog that i visited. visit his site and you'll get hooked, too.
daily dose of imagery - get your daily dose of photos from this amazing photoblog
a walk through Durham Township, Pennsylvania- kathleen connally shares beautiful images of her hometown. must be bookmarked!
londonrubbish - rubbish his photos are not!
markmyshots - and you should!
northern exposure - gorgeous photos of the photographer's northern hideaway.
straymatter - scott's photos and words are executed so eloquently

food blogs (because i love food so much, these sites deserve their own category):
nordljus - i just love the simple and elegant design of this blog as much as i love her photos! keiko also includes instructions on how to replicate her delicious gastronomic creations. i doubt that i'll be able to photograph it like she does, though :) oh, and she also has a photo blog.
she who eats - chika's dessert shots are definitely mouth-watering
the traveler's lunchbox - traveling, eating, photographing, and blogging. some people have all the luck. :D make sure to visit the things to eat before you die post.
mattbites - not only does he take fantastic pictures but his entries are just so wittingly funny to boot!
chubby hubby - it was the funny title that piqued my curiosity but the photos and stories behind them were definitely the reason i kept coming back.
marketmanila - i came across this blog while doing research on Holy Kettle Corn. my initial impression was that it was a corporate site but as i continued reading, i realized it was a personal blog. it has a lot of information about market haunts, restaurants, and, of course, food!
delicious:days - nicky's photos are amazing! i could browse through her photo gallery all day. of course, don't forget to check out her recipes while you're at it.
abstract gourmet - it truly pays to click on blog links. i found this on one of the food sites mentioned above. i love the Does Your Blog Look Good In That contest where different food bloggers submit a photo each month.
still life with... - a food styling and photography website that i recently came across. has useful tips, links, and a lot of gorgeous photos.


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