who me?

hi, i'm aby.

i worked as a computer programmer/systems analyst for five years before shifting careers. i'm currently teaching toddlers, finishing up my Masters degree in Early Childhood Education, and striving to fulfill my passions in life.

photography is one of them.

my love for photography was something that my dad passed on to me, i believe. as a child, i had a lot of fond (and traumatic, hehe) memories of being in front of his beloved SLRs. he has a collection which, due to unforeseen circumstances, is now gathering dust (plus other organic stuff that i don't even want to talk about) in the dark recesses of his closet. i plan to inherit his Nikon FM2 someday. i would love to learn how to shoot in film but, sadly, this is such an expensive hobby that i have to hold off until somebody gives me one. or when i'm rich. whichever comes first. (i'm praying for the latter)

in 2005, i got myself a Canon A520. it's handy, affordable, and has a lot of cool features. definitely one of the best investments i've made in a long time. the amazing thing about digital cameras is that you see the results in an instant. frankly, this has been a disadvantage for impatient people like me because i don't think about the composition and execution of a photograph as much as, say, when i would use a film camera. still, it makes for great practice - and it's less expensive, too. the photos i'm sharing in this blog are an expression of what i have been through in my photography journey. i have so much to learn and i want you to go through this experience with me. :)

what exactly is a P&S?
a Point & Shoot camera is basically a lightweight photographic camera with an autofocus (thefreedictionary) it's less expensive than an SLR and is perfect for a beginner like myself.
i still dream of getting myself a dSLR but that can wait. until that wondrous day comes, i am making the most of my trusty P&S.


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hi, i bloghopped from aggie. hope you don't mind if i add you to my blogroll.

great site!

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