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they weren't kidding when they called the place, Mall of Asia. this place is HUUUGE! Mall of Asia only has two floors but what they lacked in height, they made up in length. with about four separate buildings, you can easily get lost while shopping. despite this, the designers still did a fantastic job on the lay-out of the building. i loved how they had areas that were air-conditioned while the buildings parallel to Manila Bay were open to welcome the fresh sea breeze.

Mall of Asia even has two viewing decks that stretch out over the street until the bay area. these bridges are popular sites, especially during sunset.

this mall's skating rink is, by far, the best in our country. aside from its sheer size, it's the only one i know with snow capped mountains for a backdrop.

and, as in any mall skating rink, the area was filled with onlookers waiting to catch a spectacular spin or, more often than not, an amateur skater falling flat on the hard ice.


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Indeed, an amazing mall!

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