say cheese! 4.1.2006 ISO 200 5.8 mm 1.0s f/

i had dinner with my HS friends a few months ago. since we had it at marci's house, we agreed that it was going to be potluck. nadia brought salad, marci made barbeque (pork and chicken), marize brought pasta, and carol brought the cake.

i brought Garlicky Buttered Shrimps. they were pretty shocked with my choice because i used to be allergic to shrimps. i say "used to be" because i'm finally freed of this "affliction!" i began to gradually eat shrimps last year to make myself more immuned. now, i can eat about 5 pieces without any signs of itching or difficulty in breathing. of course, i haven't attempted to eat more than that - yet. :)


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